Basket Case

We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow-worm. -Winston Churchill

Something Like Nothing.

There are always people we are going to tilt our heads skywards for. Whether we are in sleep in jail, on a couch, or in a full King sized bed on a lone Island that belongs only to yourself and the person sleeping beside you, there is always going to be somebody, whether we love them or not, we are going to do something of the greater advantage for. That sort of terminology may come across as rather intimate to you, but I don’t only speak of our childhood leaders, close friends, or our grandmothers who beat colon cancer. No, the sort of picture I am wanting to paint for you is that distant person you wished you could have been. The person some may put on a pedestal or more so a piece of poster on their ceiling.

Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed

'Im just starting to scratch the surface of what makes me happy..'

For me, one person I do look up to a large deal is Leonardo DiCaprio. Cheesy? You may think so but rather remember what I am asking you to think for: yourself. So go on and as I ramble, think this for your equal; So yes, to me as an actress, artist, visual idealist, perfectionist, dark and literal pessimist, and cinematography aspirer, I do indeed lift my chin to this man. He has accomplished so much in his 36 years and above being nominated for a Distinguished American Award, he has paved the way of stardom from his childhood Basketball Diaries, teenage years of Romeo + Juliet, and now to Inception: Leo has brought forth a new definition to the American Actor I can say we are all proud of. That, bloggers, is perhaps the only reason I would be proud to call myself an American for: Is to comparingly utter that that little sliver of realism does connect me to such a business man.
So yes, besides anticipating J. Edgar coming our way, I have mentioned Leonardo to show you the fact that despite all the other Americans crowding around my computer screen this moment, he may be perhaps one of the few I can say really deserves a well worked for (and well enjoyed on my part) R-E-S-P-C-T.
Who else might top this list of mine? Im sure you don’t care for my list too much, but I do enjoy discussing topics of people deserving of minute and blog worthy praise, so I will continue.
Winston Churchill is the speaker of one of my favorite quotes.

'We are all worms but I believe I am a glow worm.'

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'We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow worm.'

-Winston Churchill


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