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We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow-worm. -Winston Churchill

Models In Particular

Under the case-sensitive eye of my ever watching love for model’s faces and who’s who in wonderland these days, Ive caught some glimpses of a few familiar faces who seem to come up no matter what brand you are taking a peek at! One of those many repetitive faces is that of Ginta Lapina! She is a gorgeous blonde, whom I adore. And please dont take this personally but when it comes to models I am particular about blondes. They seem to catch my cynicism a little too much but this cutie is beautiful no matter how you turn it and her hair just seems to be so light and delicate. All together her little hair head cant weigh more than a couple ounces!… Or so it seems.

Now tell me, is it just her who gets to have a beautiful head of hair? Is it the products, the camera, the lighting? Or, prey tell, is she just lucky like models seem to be?

Look at her hair line! Its so soft im sure its just one big feather! Its so light and ah!- okay so Im going a little insane. I always get tipped off by the most prestigious or at least the most innovative and helpful fashion blogs out there but when I might stumble across what seems to be a mighty interesting little hair ‘shpeel’ I always click out and ignore the linking! I dont know what had goten into me, I mean Im not a makeup and hair person! Thats my friend Stella’s job when we do photo shoots! so I dont pay one little sinch of attention normally, but now Im sorta wishing I did because I want answers like heck!

All the blogs I see look helpful, but where is that ‘all-knowing’ hair blog when I need it?

I did find one though: Its called Hair Thursday. And I havent reviewed it yet, so no blames when you find out its not exactly recommendable!

Now I love it (like to the right here) when the makeup artists and hair genies braid models hair into teeny little fishtails and then continue with the grungy pattern throughout the shoot. I really do and again look how small! Half of her hair is probably wrapped up into that tiny little thing! And I know today is the day in society of becoming hair that is lusciously thick and like a lions mane and oh boy do I commend them on that one but really Id rather have this girl’s locks. 


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'We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow worm.'

-Winston Churchill


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