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We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow-worm. -Winston Churchill

Rodarte vs. Temperlay

I’ve got to say, when it comes to avant garde I go crazy over Rodarte and Temperlay. I’ve already shared with you my affections for the Rodarte style via Bullett magazine and Saoirse Ronan, but let me tell you its become a bit of an obsession.  I am determined to skim past Rodarte for Target because truthfully they cannot expect that to satisfy my craving. Oh but before I do tell you, I must share yet snother set of beautiful pictures of Miss Ronan below..

and she definitely has that look does she not? She looks like a doll. Do tell me, am I the only one who saw her grow up in a day? It seems it was only yesterday she was a young tween at the premiere for Atonement! But now? She even looks young in her latest film, but looking at her outside that glass box or ‘fourth wall‘ sort of state, she is her own person. Which only makes her characters that much more impressive. She has that ability to be transformed. Something I do believe the true and deserving actor/actress would have. Oh but my opinions of Hollywood is for another day and all that wasted impressionism and symbolic character funding, but please do remind me to post on that topic later.

My words are not enough to explain the aspirations to be this sort of person. Yes i will tell you now I am my own ametuer-local-hobbying actress of some sort and i absaloutely love it. I have dreams- like all the rest of you- and I could like and die but I will say this over and over again- if there was the choice I would not just be one of the many but look at these examples above and see how the mind can work- ah sometimes I can hardly stand to see all this. Jealousy wells up inside of me. Now I cant say Im good because, well for

Favorite contant piece of Rodarte

many reasons but you know this is just not the place- not the time and all that hoopla. [My favorite piece of Rodarte is to the right here- and please do not get me wrong I am not obsessed with Ronan. She is lovely and passionate about her wonderful career but all we humans have out marks of territory. She did just so happen to be the one wearing my favorite piece it did indeed have nothing to do with her. Oh bless her heart.]

And ah, you see, it takes no time at all to turn yet another post of mine, intending other topics, into another mural of wishful talent and of my wanton. Okay but back to the topic of Rodarte and more so this time around, Temperlay! Temperlay.. well how do I put this?


Temperlay is a marvelous bound of workmanship, but nonetheless it is not nearly as captivating to my eye and particular style as Rodarte is. Though, they have amazing taste in color, and I compliment them on their shape in detail, It is not my favorite. They have their moments- oh boy they have their moments! of capturing my eye for their unique taste- but they also have their slow times of boring ventures and their pieces sometimes tend to well look like everyone else’s designs. But like I said, and below where I’ve posted in my opinion some of their best work you can see, they have their moments of craftsmanship and fashion genius just like Rodarte.

And I do think it is most important to see that they are therefore capable of creating works like these.





I really think below they went a little far, sort of copy-catting Louis Vuiton this year but oh well their models are working for it.

And so ends this fashion show, so have a sunny sunday, crossing our fingers for some snow here in Louisville.


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TVs Today

Ive been watching so many movies lately that I’ve yet to post some of my favorite shows I bubble over about all the time. One that I bought today at Half Priced Books (Second Season) is Smallville.

Clark Kent


Its become one of my favorites ever since iTunes, at the beginning of season 10 this year, sprang a free deal on the Pilot! After watching it, I was immediately interested. Amazing attraction, this show has, at its classic like quality and spearing relation to the classic comic book hero.

So as you know Im officially on Season two and not all is well in Smallville… but I have no doubt Clark will straighten things out. But I will leave the rest to either your imagination or your time you will hopefully spend finding your enjoyment in this show.

Another show that I’ve really dug my heels into is Fringe- the so called drama-scifi show of the year. Its quite the journey, let me tell you, and I highly recommend it. I just finished Season 1 and man Im craving season two! But I have to take one show at a time, although Its hard not to constantly spend my seemingly never ending day watching both. Again this whole love for

Lovely show...

Fringe started with the adaption of another season and so iTunes released the free Pilot. I snatched it up, faintly interested at the time, but now I must admit its grown into my dreams and day dreaming. Olivia Dunham, FBI agent, on the root of strange happenings all across America (and the world?). With rebellious and full of character, Peter Bishop babysitting his Einstein-like-father, Walter Bishop- the trio explore their own ‘Fringe’ division of the FBI headed up by Broyles.

Lovely show...

The thing I really like about this show, is the dynamic. The characters make the cituations hilarious yet nerving at the same time. I jump out of my chair from itching skin sometimes and yet looking down the road (yes, I let Wikipedia cheat me out of my future relationship with the show…) I cant imagine how they are going to get to where they are now (season 4). JJ Abrams is themastermind for sure, I believe it completely. (Speaking of which Super 8 is another topic for another day..  because I could go on forver!!!)

Have fun!

Sci-fi Favorite

(Left --> right) Peter, Olivia, Walter

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Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree…

Merry Christmas everyone! Its now officially the Holidays and Im getting really excited. Ive commenced a countdown with every whiteboard I come in contact with and its been a huge relief. Waiting all year can be a buzz. Well today I attended Sojourn‘s East Campus Women’s Gift Exchange and it was lovely.  The food and snacks were yummy and the gifts were so fun! People there are so creative and Im glad to see the East Campus growing like crazy! Sojourn’s idea of a Christmas Gift exchange is so genius! They have everyone bring 6 of the same item and everyone is assigned a color. The color groups take turns going in and selecting one item each round for a total of 6 rounds- so everyone ends up with 6 different gifts! Its an awesome and fun time and I enjoyed it for the second year now!

I received a  little potted plant, A mug paired with Black Christmas Tea by Celestial Seasonings Teas and homemade sugar cubes (I’ll post the recipe attached to the gift in the following post!), A little reindeer decorated glass dish, An awesome handmade bracelet (its legit, I swear), A BPA free water bottle chock full of chocolate and white mittens & finally some reindeer embroidered cozy socks! It was an enjoyable afternoon with some lovely women.

On my way home I stopped at Half Priced Books! I purchased the Second Season of Smallville, a Theatrical resource gude, and several plays for only 1$ each! I will keep you updated on my reads:


Speaking of which I will do so now! Recently I saw the theatrical trailer advertising the movie Sarah’s Key. And I was interested so I purchased the book! Its good so far and the topic covers an emotionally unstable subject relating to the movie and book Sophie’s Choice. I will tell you how It comes, but in the meantime check out the trailer for Sarah’s Key!

Also, Liam Neeson is coming out with a new movie soon (yay!) called The Grey. Check it out here.

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Something Like Nothing.

There are always people we are going to tilt our heads skywards for. Whether we are in sleep in jail, on a couch, or in a full King sized bed on a lone Island that belongs only to yourself and the person sleeping beside you, there is always going to be somebody, whether we love them or not, we are going to do something of the greater advantage for. That sort of terminology may come across as rather intimate to you, but I don’t only speak of our childhood leaders, close friends, or our grandmothers who beat colon cancer. No, the sort of picture I am wanting to paint for you is that distant person you wished you could have been. The person some may put on a pedestal or more so a piece of poster on their ceiling.

Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed

'Im just starting to scratch the surface of what makes me happy..'

For me, one person I do look up to a large deal is Leonardo DiCaprio. Cheesy? You may think so but rather remember what I am asking you to think for: yourself. So go on and as I ramble, think this for your equal; So yes, to me as an actress, artist, visual idealist, perfectionist, dark and literal pessimist, and cinematography aspirer, I do indeed lift my chin to this man. He has accomplished so much in his 36 years and above being nominated for a Distinguished American Award, he has paved the way of stardom from his childhood Basketball Diaries, teenage years of Romeo + Juliet, and now to Inception: Leo has brought forth a new definition to the American Actor I can say we are all proud of. That, bloggers, is perhaps the only reason I would be proud to call myself an American for: Is to comparingly utter that that little sliver of realism does connect me to such a business man.
So yes, besides anticipating J. Edgar coming our way, I have mentioned Leonardo to show you the fact that despite all the other Americans crowding around my computer screen this moment, he may be perhaps one of the few I can say really deserves a well worked for (and well enjoyed on my part) R-E-S-P-C-T.
Who else might top this list of mine? Im sure you don’t care for my list too much, but I do enjoy discussing topics of people deserving of minute and blog worthy praise, so I will continue.
Winston Churchill is the speaker of one of my favorite quotes.

'We are all worms but I believe I am a glow worm.'

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Out of Probability Rates:

Out of evolution we claim the genesis to our manifests.

So for the longest trend of time, I fancied myself with the engrossing love for all nooks and crannies I could find. Now it was not simply a phase, but it is a liking and an extent of my foremost personality trait: solitude. And although this admiration for the ability of organizing and storing things in small and kept spaces, it did not define me. I would, in fact, purposely escape, at the notice of, the gathering and talkative clad grouped individuals as they came together; whether the occasion was to eat, cherish each other, or simply fool around. It was not the fact that they may have been folds themselves, but in a different light it quite bothers me that they can then take that opportunity and transform their time, counterclockwise, into a risk of accountability.
I love being accountable. I love taking the account of, whatever the person may request me to do so, and I so longed for someone to come along side of myself and request my permission to engage in a companionship so long that it then requires each of the other’s accountability to the other-like loyalty.
Is that then wrong? Because I am the quickest of trickers to my own conscience. I can lie to myself and I can thieve myself and rob myself of that chip of reluctancy that may have led me to change actions or my motive of actions. Am I wrong?
It is wrong to lie. But with permission? Did I grant myself permission, I wonder?
But in whatever I do, instead, I want to say now that I do not lie to myself and I do try to tell the truth to myself first and foremost so that I can in turn tell others the truth of what I prior told myself.

But I may lie to myself and lie to you simultaneously, we both could agree. But if we agree I can tell myself the truth while lying to you-is it consistent or possible together to tell the truth to you while lying to myself? If that is untrue, [in truth] who is anyone to say that they are better than that common man? Because conclusively, my outward appearance would discourse you into falling under your own subjugated judgement.
That then may cause its own dispute and in our conjoined uproar-you in the kitchen disputing against my home-made leftovers against my argument against your wanting take out, and our brother in the corner disentangling himself from his own controversial book he is finishing-we can all see that in that moment it would be quite easily said, to give any valentine you’re only word of annoyance. And in such a case as the one described, he or she may see that differently. Unfair distress, I would tend to tell you, because that would be very misleading.
But so many cannot help their listener-whether they be divine or a fool (in a relationship that would be your fault by far, do not let my argument give you an excuse), with a word near embarrassment. Because look!: I will put myself in your shoes and I can see in your own eyes that very well may embarrass you; As it would surely embarrass me! So admit it!: Do not continue to lie to yourself and then to me! I do not want to listen to your lies, but if that is the case, I can only hope you would tell your own self the truth prior.
But then at the rebuttal, I cannot help my listener. It is my fault [remember]?
So for a solution (an antidote) think of the opposite of reality and perhaps your own genesis will suggest you thought of that turn-table first!
In example: Your irises grinded between their outward abandonment and your own eyelids. See, now I am the ultimate creator. (Or I can so tell myself, whether your opinion favors my own disillusion that can be accepted as a lie. And my opinion? In truth: If you are to lie to yourself, lie then to your friend. But if you are to want others to want you too, do tell them the truth! And like we did agree before, you cannot tell your friend the truth until you first have told truth to yourself. You cannot lie to yourself and tell your neighbor the truth! Remember our agreement prior; And now you say ‘I have been lying to myself all along?’, well then do not be surprised at your friend’s tea (to which you were not invited) the phrase may come forward with confidence and much saliva: ‘Their life is a lie!’

Well, topic is conducted in conversation too long sometimes, so I will close this case and leave it for another day, and another time.

Thanks bloggers,


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'We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow worm.'

-Winston Churchill


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