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Shadowy Games

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Last night, my friend and I took a trip to the theatre to see the new Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. It was as I excpected: superb, and although lacking that tasteful seasoning of sherlock that was so much in the last movie, I enjoyed it as much as I expected I would and is definitely worth the watch.

I love that theme music dont you?

And the whole movie I felt something tapping me on my shoulder and ah ha! I figured out what it was. I found a match! A pair! I was so happy to have seen it.. these two could really be sisters..

Noomi Rapace, playing Madam Simza Heron in Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Toian Bellisario, playing Spencer Hastings in ABC's Pretty Little Liars

I think its rather ironic myself… but please, tell me Im not the only one who sees it!

So, yes, Sherlock Holmes, although told to us by Fandango is rated So-So, I have to disagree. Its rather enjoyable and just as whitty as the last. Sequels tend to have negative effect, and being truthful, yes this one could go either way, but I think its had a more positive effect in light of the first. Its a different feel, because of the different plot, but I absolutely loved it.

Another look alike pair! Father and son?

Steve Jobs

Ashton Kutcher

And as I was looking for pictures online I saw that I was not the only one who noticed this.. Conspiracy? But really look how much they look alike. Its a little scary.

More Movies to See!:

1. J Edgar [with Leonardo Dicaprio], 2. The Girl With The Dragon Tatoo [with Rooney Mara], 3. Mission Impossible [with Tom Cuise], 4. The Hunger Games (When it comes out!)[with Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson], 5. A Separation, 6. The Iron Lady [With Meryl Streep], 7. The Woman in Black (when it comes out!) [with Daniel Radcliffe]

*Not in any particular order.

J. Edgar

1. Leonardo Dicaprio as J Edgar Hoover

2. Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

3. Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible

4. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss in The Hunger Games

5. Nadar and Simin in A Seperation

6. Meryl Streep as The Iron Lady

7. Daniel Radcliffe in The Woman In Black

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Protect Good Gerald.


So, now that I have a nice camera in my care, I need some good protection to keep him safe, dont I? I have an old camcorder case that is pretty large and does nicely! Although its a bit old and nothing special.. I do have a nice little lens case that zips nice and cozy around the old Canon lens. But now I almost just want one of those old Kodak leather bags just to have! I found a few pictures online via Google and Stylehive.


See below (left), this is what Im talking about. This is an old Leather Kodak colorburst camera holder. The camera that goes inside looks similar to a Polaroid.

Heres another from Style Hive:


This one is just vintage in general, and its so cute! This is the one place (leather bags in general) where grandma-tan works. NOT on my new Honda Civic.

But whether sporty or vintage, Ive got to get a new and updated one soon! Any suggestions [other than Murphy’s Camera Shop]?

Heres another Colorbust that is similar to the one above.


This one is via Etsy!

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Christmas Cheer

Christmas Cheer.

I just want to suggest you check this post out! It is utterly adorable and the pictures are superb!

That is all 🙂

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And To All A Good-Night


[You’ll Never Find My Christmas by Bishop Allen]

There are somethings that will never quite be the same and some that just dont change- Christmas is one of the above. Which is it for you?

Well more interestingly it seems to me to be something that will never quite change and I suppose I am alright with that. Im not quite fond of the though of going to Florida for Christmas (whoever came up with that idea: I do not mean to diss your attempt at escaping the cold weather, I just do not understand what you have against snowmen?)

Although it was brought up at the Christmas Eve Sermon at Sojourn

Community Church the other night, how much of a creep Santa really can seem…

I do agree with how he said it though. Just think about it! Santa Clause is coming.. to town.

This is meant to be such a ‘fun and dandy’ little song, exciting kids for what is hoping to be a Jolly Holiday with a obese man dressed in red, breaking into their house by sliding down their chimeny? Im just wondering, because this is the first time Its really jumped out at me..

I dont know about you, but it seems to me like Santa is trying to play God. What other stranger can put on a fake beard, and suddenly parents are okay with putting their children on his lap?

He sees you when your sleeping. He knows when your awake!

This is starting to sound religous..

He knows if you’ve been bad or good so be good for goodness sake! 

Can you not see the lists matching up a little bit? Our goodness decides our rewards! If this is the case I dont know why for all those years my parents were trying to tell me that I was good enough to earn a Hello Kitty pillow, A pink and yellow flowered sleeping bag and digital cameras, TV, PC games!


And you sure as heck shouldnt cry and be good for goodness sake OH you better watch out. Because Santa Clause is coming to town. 

Now this is a laughing matter. And no I am not serious, but please is this not all true? Maybe Im just a little too nudged into my own hipster generation of tea drinkers and vegan eaters, but I dont think my kids are going to learn that they deserve all those Christmas presents! What did I ever do as a kid that made me think I earned all those things? Well Santa sure aint Baby Jesus thats for sure and whether we all play God at one point or not, I think Id rather have a savior than a toy work shop-pedophile.


I finally gave myself what I really wanted this year too! A Nikon D5100! Heres a few samples of what is to come this year…









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EP Tom Sawyer: Check out ZeGrizzly!

Check out these pictures and more by clicking on one of the photographs below. It will bring you over to my sister blog: ZeGrizzly.

These were taken by my friend Maxwell and his girlfriend at EP Tom Sawyer Park!



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Models In Particular

Under the case-sensitive eye of my ever watching love for model’s faces and who’s who in wonderland these days, Ive caught some glimpses of a few familiar faces who seem to come up no matter what brand you are taking a peek at! One of those many repetitive faces is that of Ginta Lapina! She is a gorgeous blonde, whom I adore. And please dont take this personally but when it comes to models I am particular about blondes. They seem to catch my cynicism a little too much but this cutie is beautiful no matter how you turn it and her hair just seems to be so light and delicate. All together her little hair head cant weigh more than a couple ounces!… Or so it seems.

Now tell me, is it just her who gets to have a beautiful head of hair? Is it the products, the camera, the lighting? Or, prey tell, is she just lucky like models seem to be?

Look at her hair line! Its so soft im sure its just one big feather! Its so light and ah!- okay so Im going a little insane. I always get tipped off by the most prestigious or at least the most innovative and helpful fashion blogs out there but when I might stumble across what seems to be a mighty interesting little hair ‘shpeel’ I always click out and ignore the linking! I dont know what had goten into me, I mean Im not a makeup and hair person! Thats my friend Stella’s job when we do photo shoots! so I dont pay one little sinch of attention normally, but now Im sorta wishing I did because I want answers like heck!

All the blogs I see look helpful, but where is that ‘all-knowing’ hair blog when I need it?

I did find one though: Its called Hair Thursday. And I havent reviewed it yet, so no blames when you find out its not exactly recommendable!

Now I love it (like to the right here) when the makeup artists and hair genies braid models hair into teeny little fishtails and then continue with the grungy pattern throughout the shoot. I really do and again look how small! Half of her hair is probably wrapped up into that tiny little thing! And I know today is the day in society of becoming hair that is lusciously thick and like a lions mane and oh boy do I commend them on that one but really Id rather have this girl’s locks. 

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Rodarte vs. Temperlay

I’ve got to say, when it comes to avant garde I go crazy over Rodarte and Temperlay. I’ve already shared with you my affections for the Rodarte style via Bullett magazine and Saoirse Ronan, but let me tell you its become a bit of an obsession.  I am determined to skim past Rodarte for Target because truthfully they cannot expect that to satisfy my craving. Oh but before I do tell you, I must share yet snother set of beautiful pictures of Miss Ronan below..

and she definitely has that look does she not? She looks like a doll. Do tell me, am I the only one who saw her grow up in a day? It seems it was only yesterday she was a young tween at the premiere for Atonement! But now? She even looks young in her latest film, but looking at her outside that glass box or ‘fourth wall‘ sort of state, she is her own person. Which only makes her characters that much more impressive. She has that ability to be transformed. Something I do believe the true and deserving actor/actress would have. Oh but my opinions of Hollywood is for another day and all that wasted impressionism and symbolic character funding, but please do remind me to post on that topic later.

My words are not enough to explain the aspirations to be this sort of person. Yes i will tell you now I am my own ametuer-local-hobbying actress of some sort and i absaloutely love it. I have dreams- like all the rest of you- and I could like and die but I will say this over and over again- if there was the choice I would not just be one of the many but look at these examples above and see how the mind can work- ah sometimes I can hardly stand to see all this. Jealousy wells up inside of me. Now I cant say Im good because, well for

Favorite contant piece of Rodarte

many reasons but you know this is just not the place- not the time and all that hoopla. [My favorite piece of Rodarte is to the right here- and please do not get me wrong I am not obsessed with Ronan. She is lovely and passionate about her wonderful career but all we humans have out marks of territory. She did just so happen to be the one wearing my favorite piece it did indeed have nothing to do with her. Oh bless her heart.]

And ah, you see, it takes no time at all to turn yet another post of mine, intending other topics, into another mural of wishful talent and of my wanton. Okay but back to the topic of Rodarte and more so this time around, Temperlay! Temperlay.. well how do I put this?


Temperlay is a marvelous bound of workmanship, but nonetheless it is not nearly as captivating to my eye and particular style as Rodarte is. Though, they have amazing taste in color, and I compliment them on their shape in detail, It is not my favorite. They have their moments- oh boy they have their moments! of capturing my eye for their unique taste- but they also have their slow times of boring ventures and their pieces sometimes tend to well look like everyone else’s designs. But like I said, and below where I’ve posted in my opinion some of their best work you can see, they have their moments of craftsmanship and fashion genius just like Rodarte.

And I do think it is most important to see that they are therefore capable of creating works like these.





I really think below they went a little far, sort of copy-catting Louis Vuiton this year but oh well their models are working for it.

And so ends this fashion show, so have a sunny sunday, crossing our fingers for some snow here in Louisville.


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Reverb Update!


There are always economic disadvantages in the obstacle course on our victorious parade through fashion paradise I call online shopping, but despite such, Id like to draw your attention to a few irresistible I picked out from Shop Style and Far Fetch. (Cheaper prices= Pixie Market [by slight])

Rodarte- Optic Woord Peplum Dress

This Rodarte Optic Wood Peplum is a favorite. I first spotted it in Bullett Magazine, worn by my favorite Irish actress, Saoirse Ronan.  The actress has been spotted in Rodarte many times prior, and I cant help but imagine she favors the brand.  This dress is such a beautiful design, I envy Ronan!

Ronan in Bullett

I couldnt help but notice the color choices contrary Ronan’s skin tone and hair. It compliments her whole figure very nicely and in the magazine (click above to see more) we see this peplum top paired with some high waisted trousers (another nice vice).




Yves Saint Laurent Vintage Detail Skirt

Oh and this next one! How I love Yves Saint Laurent! Their play with style and boutique makes me lick my lips! and something about the tie in the middle of this particular piece brings it all together and sends time back to stop in the 40s yet splash a little grandmother delima inside the wear. I love the style of the peplum folds and the creasing in them as well. You can see why I might think Im in love.







Hope you enjoyed this small preview


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Irresistible Complex

There are some things in life that will never cease to surprise me. Björk is one person I will always be fascinated with undeniably. Her style and music opens the mind of the creator and prepares him/her for their work. She has a legendary and quite envying history of work. She sang in the Radio City Music Hall back in 2001 and has been nominated and has won several different acting awards! What a full rounded career and even though her appearance in everyday society has seemed under many layers and quite scarce, I think she is a more profitable part of that previous generation that still sticks around to influence the newer artists to come.  She has a sweet disposition that she was able to flexibly bend into her different on stage additions of her person. She appears to be open minded and colorfully inventive.

But I have to say after all that and out from behind everything, even in her own creativity, she is just the cutest little thing! She is a beautiful woman and have such a unique face. Not a forgettable face [or name!] thats for sure.






Its hard to say she isn’t easily affecting the creative minds of today from a slightly older body, because I myself feel inspired just viewing pictures and listening to her hits. I think there is proof everywhere of rare minds like th

ese but we easily dismiss them as freaks or a little too out there for us. Really i despise this attitude toward society’s beauties because these sorts of people are the ones we have to treasure. They are the inventive mass of today and tomorrow and someday it will be yesterday. She is one of those that creates the backdrop for our new invincibilities we obtained from learning from people like her. I for one do not expect everyone to agree with my opinions. I disagree largely with her point of views and some quotes she has been known for but we all are going to have to disagree or maybe even agree to disagree sometime or another. But what I think should be asked, is despite these disagreements we can overcome personality to see the real lessons we can learn from the given examples we have right now.

See we are not all corrupt. And might I say she is not only the vision of creative genius but she also results in many visions of fashion asperation in my opinion. I cant be her. I cannot get inside her head; but what I appear to be looking at sometimes transforms itself into what might be more celebratory after a while.

If you follow me in even the slightest, I think you might agree with me, Björk used her own unique stance and backdrops [as we should now] and created something of her own that still influences icons today. I think many people compare Nicki Minaj to to something of a legend with Lady GaGa but I disagree completely.

Yes this might be a little biased because I do not favor Minaj’s work but, like I said, we all have our tastes and I will get to that girl later- but what my words are trying to acomplish here is the fact that , despite her slightly later age and her more prior work compared to that of GaGa and Minaj, I believe the Top 10 List on iTunes, and lovers of the unique and interesting, today, have overlooked Björk completely! Am I right?

And I will say it again: despite the discrepancy and nostalgia in my tone of hand, I think we have begged for more of what we already received back in the 70s! We start seeing musical/fashion Sherlocks of this age and think its revolutionary! When in clarity we can overlook someone who was way ahead of her time, and still is!

Might I say Madonna and Björk started this whole rampage of the strange and odd appearing uniform? But who has all the credit? Not this little princess of presence, which is something she has of ample amount.









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→Featured Content This Week!←

Featured Artist (photographer) : Tim Barber [also featured on BOOOOOOOM]

Featured Designer : Fred Perry

Also Including : Updates on Books being made into movies [so read the books now!]

First order of business? Our featured Photographer whom I stole from BOOOOOOOM! He has a gifted eye, and amazing skills for an artsman [term Im trying to use more often and spread all around- note: artswoman is also appropriate for the ladies.]

His first picture, look at it closely now, Is my favorite- and Its really something is it not? I love artists who play with smoke. I admire their creative thought process- because when my creative process leads me there [to smoke] which may be often, its a scary set of tracks but as you can imagine justs make the personality of the picture boost ten fold.

found on

My favorite from Tim Barber

And so I wont let your anticipation waste any longer.. heres the rest:


I really like the idea you see off to the side here in the second picture below. Ive always wanted to put tall candles in bottles and let the wax sink down in it and pour over the sides! (I smell a DIY coming up…)

Tim Barber has a website of his own which features fashion, portrait, and personal photography of his. I really admire its style and his own completeness in his work content on the website. He is a true yet not yet found out, master at his work. His work is also featured on Tiny Vices along with other creative men and women’s work, which I highly recommend taking some time to visit (link attached to name).

And next on the list of updates is one of my favorite designers! Fred Perry! He has his own website linked onto his name there, and Its by far one of the more user friendly and still very attractive set ups I have seen in a long time. To see the pictures Im about to show you, just go onto the website (linked here as well) then go to Laurel Wreath Collection → Women’s → Richard Nicoll.

* and also to just warn you, this is probably the most latest picture of my obsession. Its beautiful, no? I want a snood very badly! Like the one by Opening Ceremony, green, and furry, Mary Kate Olsen wore to the Metropolitan Opera. (If your actually interested in what Im talking about see picture at very end of post).






Oh and just to give you a little [and to spoil you, filthy and rotten  both] I wanted to show you this sweet pic from the website advertising their children’s collection. Love it. Anywho. This collection is adorable and the model that is looking so stylish is

And for those of you who have a minimalist sort of job at Starbucks, you can pick up some slightly more affordable Fred Perry wear in the women’s section.

Fred Perry Amy Winehouse Collection

Or the Amy Winehouse collection in the Women’s tab for only a tab more mula! One of my favorites for sure.

And now for that picture…

Yves Saint Laurent

The Twins in Yves Saint Laurent and to the left- the snood I want so badly.




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'We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow worm.'

-Winston Churchill


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