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We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow-worm. -Winston Churchill

Today and Tomorrow.. (Especially when Today is Turkey Day!)

So I must, must, must be done apologizing by now for posting so darn late in the evening and never posting well… at all! Its quite a bad habit I’ve attempted to break only a few times and as you can see each time was a large bombing least of all..

But since Im up so late I might as well admit now that Im probably not meant to get much sleep at night at all! [Happy Thanksgiving by the way]

So a few movies Ive been watching lately…

Mentionable?: Twilight [newest one out in theaters] and that would be Breaking Dawn Part 1 (so Ive been told…)

I went to see it in the Cinema with my friend Annie (Shes quite a cutie- see below red head)


and of course I was curtious and said I was very excited (which I actually was- for the record..) but did lie perhaps in the fact that I did say I quite enjoyed it (it really was very.. interesting). The only thing I think I might have received from the whole ordeal (it was $5 Tuesdays.) was the acting which was quite worthy of an applause. They were very genuine I would have believed the whole story.. If I hadn’t already seen a bit more attractive side of Robert Pattison in Water For Elephants (2 Thumbs up). So that by far does indeed end my little Rabbit Trail. NOW onto the more notable movies of my week.

THE BEACH. (Cant you just hear Rowan Atkinson from Mr. Bean’s Holiday saying that over and over in your head? I can.)

Anywho, I think It applicable to say that The Beach [Leonardo Dicaprio, Daniel York, Virginie Ledoyen, and Tilda Swinton)] was %100 on that good movie track, and does indeed receive 5 stars every watch in my book! Great way of speaking; the communication via Leo was amazing and It made me want to cry, write and think all at the same time; so I did. Captions! (VIA IMDB) Oh the 2000’s- how much I dont miss you is seen all too often.
And moving right along…
TWO documentary-reenactment-but-fairly-good-movies did I watch this week! And I am proud to say so!
First: Downfall via Netflix- which I purchased a subscription with recently and I highly recommend!
This one was fairly good and I really enjoyed the clear amount of effort put into the whole thing. Mind you, It is a foreign film so side effects may include dreaming in German afterwards.
The plot line was clear and tear jerking. One of those that makes you really question reality. Although most of the movies I watch nowadays are.. (pictures via Picassa/Google)
IIt truly is worthy of all those awards its winning. Truly a beautiful film based on Hitlers last 12 days on earth.
Second: The Diary of Anne Frank (2009) 
Truly a definite tear jerker, it stopped my heart but kept it beating. The sweet girl, bless her heart. Watch the thing then go on and research pictures of each of the people online and just sit there in awe. This is definitely one Id recommend. Its the most simple, innocent films Ive ever seen that made a crater sized impact on my heart as Anne Frank always does. It is all too real- and not to make the whole thing into a drama because as you can imagine the genuine reverence I have for the story, but to see it through modern eyes, this film does a lovely job of portraying this dynamic.
Comparison Worthy? I think yes.
Image Sweet boy, in the movie, he was..
And last but certainly not least, and most recent at that was
The Edge of Love- Keira Knightly & Cilian Murphy!
Im not going to spoil the ending as I want to so badly, but I must say, you are not disappointed. Because halfway through I was so tempted to turn the darn thing off! It was a brilliant show I say! but really it comes a point in some films where I say: Lovely picture, sweet mother, but please have some decency and have some mercy for the people watching!
But finally in the end… well It works out Ill have you know. And I have some lovely screenshots for you!! Absolute best!

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Annie Bean

Annie Bean

The cutie!

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Something Like Nothing.

There are always people we are going to tilt our heads skywards for. Whether we are in sleep in jail, on a couch, or in a full King sized bed on a lone Island that belongs only to yourself and the person sleeping beside you, there is always going to be somebody, whether we love them or not, we are going to do something of the greater advantage for. That sort of terminology may come across as rather intimate to you, but I don’t only speak of our childhood leaders, close friends, or our grandmothers who beat colon cancer. No, the sort of picture I am wanting to paint for you is that distant person you wished you could have been. The person some may put on a pedestal or more so a piece of poster on their ceiling.

Inception, Blood Diamond, The Departed

'Im just starting to scratch the surface of what makes me happy..'

For me, one person I do look up to a large deal is Leonardo DiCaprio. Cheesy? You may think so but rather remember what I am asking you to think for: yourself. So go on and as I ramble, think this for your equal; So yes, to me as an actress, artist, visual idealist, perfectionist, dark and literal pessimist, and cinematography aspirer, I do indeed lift my chin to this man. He has accomplished so much in his 36 years and above being nominated for a Distinguished American Award, he has paved the way of stardom from his childhood Basketball Diaries, teenage years of Romeo + Juliet, and now to Inception: Leo has brought forth a new definition to the American Actor I can say we are all proud of. That, bloggers, is perhaps the only reason I would be proud to call myself an American for: Is to comparingly utter that that little sliver of realism does connect me to such a business man.
So yes, besides anticipating J. Edgar coming our way, I have mentioned Leonardo to show you the fact that despite all the other Americans crowding around my computer screen this moment, he may be perhaps one of the few I can say really deserves a well worked for (and well enjoyed on my part) R-E-S-P-C-T.
Who else might top this list of mine? Im sure you don’t care for my list too much, but I do enjoy discussing topics of people deserving of minute and blog worthy praise, so I will continue.
Winston Churchill is the speaker of one of my favorite quotes.

'We are all worms but I believe I am a glow worm.'

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Out of Probability Rates:

Out of evolution we claim the genesis to our manifests.

So for the longest trend of time, I fancied myself with the engrossing love for all nooks and crannies I could find. Now it was not simply a phase, but it is a liking and an extent of my foremost personality trait: solitude. And although this admiration for the ability of organizing and storing things in small and kept spaces, it did not define me. I would, in fact, purposely escape, at the notice of, the gathering and talkative clad grouped individuals as they came together; whether the occasion was to eat, cherish each other, or simply fool around. It was not the fact that they may have been folds themselves, but in a different light it quite bothers me that they can then take that opportunity and transform their time, counterclockwise, into a risk of accountability.
I love being accountable. I love taking the account of, whatever the person may request me to do so, and I so longed for someone to come along side of myself and request my permission to engage in a companionship so long that it then requires each of the other’s accountability to the other-like loyalty.
Is that then wrong? Because I am the quickest of trickers to my own conscience. I can lie to myself and I can thieve myself and rob myself of that chip of reluctancy that may have led me to change actions or my motive of actions. Am I wrong?
It is wrong to lie. But with permission? Did I grant myself permission, I wonder?
But in whatever I do, instead, I want to say now that I do not lie to myself and I do try to tell the truth to myself first and foremost so that I can in turn tell others the truth of what I prior told myself.

But I may lie to myself and lie to you simultaneously, we both could agree. But if we agree I can tell myself the truth while lying to you-is it consistent or possible together to tell the truth to you while lying to myself? If that is untrue, [in truth] who is anyone to say that they are better than that common man? Because conclusively, my outward appearance would discourse you into falling under your own subjugated judgement.
That then may cause its own dispute and in our conjoined uproar-you in the kitchen disputing against my home-made leftovers against my argument against your wanting take out, and our brother in the corner disentangling himself from his own controversial book he is finishing-we can all see that in that moment it would be quite easily said, to give any valentine you’re only word of annoyance. And in such a case as the one described, he or she may see that differently. Unfair distress, I would tend to tell you, because that would be very misleading.
But so many cannot help their listener-whether they be divine or a fool (in a relationship that would be your fault by far, do not let my argument give you an excuse), with a word near embarrassment. Because look!: I will put myself in your shoes and I can see in your own eyes that very well may embarrass you; As it would surely embarrass me! So admit it!: Do not continue to lie to yourself and then to me! I do not want to listen to your lies, but if that is the case, I can only hope you would tell your own self the truth prior.
But then at the rebuttal, I cannot help my listener. It is my fault [remember]?
So for a solution (an antidote) think of the opposite of reality and perhaps your own genesis will suggest you thought of that turn-table first!
In example: Your irises grinded between their outward abandonment and your own eyelids. See, now I am the ultimate creator. (Or I can so tell myself, whether your opinion favors my own disillusion that can be accepted as a lie. And my opinion? In truth: If you are to lie to yourself, lie then to your friend. But if you are to want others to want you too, do tell them the truth! And like we did agree before, you cannot tell your friend the truth until you first have told truth to yourself. You cannot lie to yourself and tell your neighbor the truth! Remember our agreement prior; And now you say ‘I have been lying to myself all along?’, well then do not be surprised at your friend’s tea (to which you were not invited) the phrase may come forward with confidence and much saliva: ‘Their life is a lie!’

Well, topic is conducted in conversation too long sometimes, so I will close this case and leave it for another day, and another time.

Thanks bloggers,


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Savage Beauty

Lovely piece. Respectable and worthy of jealousy.

'Savage Beauty'

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Swinging Sundays

Scarlett Johansson c

Image via Wikipedia

Bright and good morning readers,

This morning I’ve already gone out with my Old Man, grabbed Panera and a Starbucks to go, then sat in content along an empty curbside chewing, chewing, slurping and swallowing to some ‘inspirational alternative’ my father picked out. My Sunday mornings have such as become something of a rut, but you know I think I rather enjoy then callusing monotone of waking up and driving down I64 to snatch a bagel and a cup of Thanksgiving Blend (mind you, the Italian Roast will never be my favor). And after all those moments, I am back at the house wrapping up in my scarf from H&M about to jump into my cloth seated Honda once more for a trip out of the country side Equestrian estates.

I do wonder sometimes: those details that so often get missed… Who did write this article in the Courier Journal today? What’s his family like? Where is he spending Thanksgiving this year?

And other broad questions lead me down the road of: Why does not the tab key work in WordPress?

But truly what pinches my skin and peeves me like no other is surely the latter. But again OCD never promised me fulfillment after popping pills even..

So this morning: Turning over what I hope is not to be another Generation-Turn-Table. I was then telling my father this..

I snuck out of Whole Foods after paying for the latest Vanity Fair (not for the purpose of staring at Scarlett..), and telling my mother I would be waiting in the car (if your mother too thinks magazines are of the dark evils, you can relate to my scurrying,)- I flipped through the entertainment filled pages of a Pentagon scare, Scarlett Johansson‘s self absorbed behavior, and what ipad covers would compliment my apple this winter, I came upon the inquiring thought that after waiting for so long for Angelina Jolie‘s face to peel itself off the ‘latest’ addition to Vanity Fair, and holding my $5 back week after week: I waited all that long for a ripping adventure of learning to accept and even love Scarlett’s new scarlet maine and overbearingly acceptable selfish vibe I was being winded with while reading the cover story?

Oh yes: So was the truth. I had paid my money and received what the cover had warned me of: Scarlett trying very hard to show me her breasts, and I in return trying very hard not to admonishingly dwell on the new Generation: the oxymoron of the neo loveliness that comes with having stubbornly negative trait which, in English, usually means you are viewed negatively. But no: in America toady we have flipped the common standard that now, you, me, or even Scarlett Johansson can be viewed as a positively charged aloofness.

I do want to say, in summary of all wordiness that this write up may include: I do enjoy Scarlett’s enriched characters very much, she is a lovely looking young woman, and against Vanity Fair?- I have nothing. Scarlett has worked her way to the top and does deserve to be views the way she would like. Vanity Fair is one of my favorite Magazines and I respect their writers and photographers a lot (especially when it comes to the topic of presenting today’s most famous and well known people: What a daunting task!)

Is my own opinion say something negative of myself? I do want to bring this subject up just to clearify who I am:

I wish to stand out to you as a web blogger who, writing to the web, expect criticism or agreement based on your own opinion of myself. Feel free to share how you feel, but please remember when you point fingers, there are indeed two pointing back are yourselves.

‘There’s blood beneath every layer of skin.’

Alexander McQueen

(For whom, I am a huge fan.)


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'We are all worms, but I believe I am a glow worm.'

-Winston Churchill


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